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It’s debatable, but how do you and should you approach a beauty/beast in the gym? The answer is that it’s a very personal preference.  

A woman's perspective on approaching a man while in the gym

I have been approached at the gym countless times, and other than the gentleman who helped me to unload the weights from a machine that someone walked away from, it was neither the time nor the place. Speaking of timing, I have had guys approach me during HIT cardio, and unless they wanted to see what I sound like while out of breath, the last thing on my mind is holding a conversation. Eye gazing is OK if you can catch me out of my zone but I will admit, I have been known to pull my hat down over my eyes avoiding eye contact while on the inner adductor machine. And we all know when eye gazing is over the top and quickly goes from cute to creepy. Of course it’s hard to focus on your workout with all the eye candy surrounding you, and I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication surrounding me, but I am there to work, not to flirt. 

I LOVE muscles, I LOVE strength and I LOVE the drive surrounding me at the gym, however, it goes beyond my focus and drive in the gym. I ultimately never know if the hottie who I am crushing on is single. When you are lifting and sweating at the gym, it’s likely that you are NOT wearing a wedding ring, and I have no idea if they have a girlfriend. The last thing I want to do is approach a married man or offend anyone. I do, however, want a partner who cares about being fit, and a partner I can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with. Naturally you would think the gym is a good option, but it’s not . And besides, I love the mental gymnastics and it’s hard to gauge intellect after lifting heavy or hitting cardio. All I can think about is refueling.  

I love the idea of going on a first date and meeting for a sweat session. That said, meeting at the gym after making initial contact on FFD would be a perfect way to see if the pheromones are a good #fit

A man’s perspective on approaching a woman while in the gym

Being raised mostly by women, I may have a different perspective on this subject than most men who frequent the gyms. I do hold a high level of respect for women, but I am still a man. Of course the extreme temptations that exist for me to approach beautiful females after watching their incredibly sexy energy and gorgeous physique is and always will be always almost impossible not to focus on.

Fortunately I have gained knowledge handed down to me by the women who raised me and there is a time and place for this and the gym is NOT the place for this. In rare cases, I have seen this work for random guys who are also in incredible shape and generally very attractive too. Again, it's still very rare.

I am seen as a very attractive male in great shape who would be considered very approachable.  But, I still suppress the urge to approach a woman at the gym, because I have had the luxury to see, observe and learn from other men’s mistakes on this subject. Working out next to them, I watch the reaction and expression from them and even sometimes am consoled by them about how “tacky” this is and how they hate dealing with it.

If a woman is in great shape and serious about training, the gym it’s likely the last place they want to deal with this action while working on the progression of their body. Great bodies come with great amounts of dedication and drive. It’s a lifestyle; it’s an undeniable commonality for fit people to desire the same from their significant other. 

Don’t get me wrong, flirting with simple and innocent eye contact and maybe accompanied by a polite smile, is acceptable and can sometimes open the door to casual conversation over time. 

Find Fit Dates can ultimately be your key to unlocking this sensitive door. Open the door and never again miss this opportunity to have a relationship with like-minded individuals. Maybe you will even find that missing mystery partner you lost right here? Maybe you will just find a sexy workout partner who gives you motivation?


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